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Caroline Weinroth
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Caroline Weinroth this album just fills me with longing & nostalgia for hazy summer days of young love and it feels so good I don't know whether to smile or cry Favorite track: You, Me, and FFC.
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released January 12, 2013

Ugly Thrash Demon is:

Chris Smith - Vocals, Guitar
Philip Eberhart - Vocals, Accordion, Mandolin
Jed Lingat - Bass, Drums
Alec Sieber - Cello
Daniel Smith - Trumpet
Sam Smith - Saxophone
Andy Crumpler - Ukulele
Ryan Coleman - Drums

Special thanks to Chris McNabb.

All songs written and performed by Ugly Thrash Demon. Lyrics written by Chris Smith. Produced by Philip Eberhart, Jed Lingat, and Chris Smith. Engineered by Matt Bliss and Philip Eberhart. Mixed by Mitchell Haeuszer.

© Copyright 2013, All Rights Reserved by Ugly Thrash Demon



all rights reserved


Ugly Thrash Demon Centreville, Virginia

Ugly Thrash Demon is a Folk Pop band from Centreville VA.

It began as an outlet for many musical friends to do something constructive while hanging out aside from playing video games and watching bad horror films. It evolved into what it is today from those humble beginnings. UTD is all of our memories; past and present, combined to create something that we all love. ... more

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Track Name: Oh Well
I’ll never forget that summer. When riding in your car still had that feel. I wish I was seventeen, back when things had less meaning. Listening to your mix CD, full volume, on the way home. On the way home.

Now you’re moving away, you were in Europe yesterday.
I’ll be here. I know I don’t have to stay. But I’ve got this feeling about it anyway.
I never wanted it to be like this…

Walk with me through the parking lot while I play guitar. I would never do that now but back then it felt like I was getting far. If I could still remember a time when I used to care, I still do its just not about you. If I could still remember a time when I used to care, I still do its just not about you. Back when I could be obsessed, when Belle and Sebastian made me less depressed.

I loved you then, I guess I always will, kind of hoped it would go away but oh well, oh well oh well, oh well, oh well, oh well…
Track Name: Rotten Summer
And I knew that day would be my last, and I didn’t quite know that it would turn out like that. You told me not to worry about the past. The years have gone by and still I yearn for those nights. And you know didn’t know that I was heading out you didn’t know that I was moving south.

I biked all the way home and then I called you right up on the phone and you said, “I’m with my friends call me again later.” So I sat in my room and I thought about the night that I first touched you. But now you’re so cruel and you don’t know anything. You changed all the rules and I just wanted you to stay the same. I didn’t want to change, I just wanted you to stay the same. I didn’t want to change.

Take me back down and don’t forget the way things used to be, carry me home, and don’t forget the way things used to be and oh it’s just another lonely summer down, in my home town and that’s the way its always been and that’s the way it will always be. You didn’t have to leave, oh you could’ve stayed with me you didn’t have to leave. Oh you could’ve stayed with me.
Track Name: You, Me, and FFC
Take me back to the place where we first met, those lazy days in my basement, holding your hand in the backseat of your friends car. Doesn’t matter where we go, as long as we go far, I don’t wanna stay here anymore. You told me everything I wanted to hear, I knew content in a world of fear.

Sitting in the parking lot with our windows down watching all the kids mess around. Staring at you while my Frosty melts. Time always stopped for the smallest things, your bright young eyes while you listened to me sing. Midnight came too soon.

The summer comes and you leave me alone, just me and my bros trying to find something to own, ruining our bodies and our minds, trying desperately to rewind time.

You said where you go I go, I said where you go I go, do you know you don’t show it at all and that’s how its always been. You said then don’t go I won’t go, please just leave me alone that’s not how I wanted it at all I just wanna see you again.

So the summer turns to dust, we walk down the mountain that they made for us, we throw our souvenirs in the ground. One last look at what we had, one last look at what we had, one last look at what we had.
Track Name: Nova Blues
I wish you had stayed. I wish you had stayed. I wish you had stayed, away.
Shouldn’t have come over that one day, everything I used to say, you let it build up when it should’ve just faded away. You always used to seem so right in your logic, maybe I was so used to giving up just to make you happy.

Now I’m so afraid of love.… I’m so afraid of love. I’m so afraid of love.

Playing covers in a parking garage just to get the reverb, never wanted to be cool, just wanted to be heard. Listening to “Start of Something” for the hundredth time, wishing you were mine, wishing you were mine.

Always pining for something different to do, when all I ever wanted to do was nothing with you.
Track Name: Nostalgic... Again
Would you like me more if I told you everything, well I wont cause you’ll think its stupid I already feel dumb enough. I always wanna say what’s on my mind but you already know, and besides you’d laugh and say “Don’t you know, that it can’t happen?” I know I know.

I’m still thinking small, thinking unrealistically you’re thinking big, traveling away the time, it’s gonna happen. Here on my street when I’m home alone I remember you lying in my arms, I thought I could bring it all back but I was a fool. You say, “One day, one day, one day.” But I doubt it’ll ever happen. You never wanna be tied down by the past but that’s all I ever really wanted.

You never say goodbye… you never say goodbye…

I know the distance and I know the difference you think we’re strangers. And I hate getting all sentimental, this drives me to new lows, I can’t take it anymore. Even thought I want to you know I need to let it go. So I’ll sit in my room where I’m safe and never talk to anybody watching movies that take place in outer space and wish that I was with you.
Track Name: Ghaty
One year since the day, I saw you in the fall.
Words I never knew left my lips, began to crawl.
Feeling like a fool I couldn’t call it quits, don’t wanna go home, so torn from within.

Had to wait four years, just to make it right. Not good enough. Never had the time. Never had the feelings or the memories, all I ever wanted was for you to hold me.

And you know I care you know you know you know that I care. Darling, darling, darling don’t go, don’t go, don’t go, baby please. Don’t you know, you gotta know, you gotta know, oh oh oh, baby please, don’t you know, you gotta know you gotta know.
Track Name: It's Been Too Long
All my life I’ve been trying to find a way back. All my life I’ve been trying to find a way back. But I can’t. I just can’t find the path. All my life I’ve taken it all for granted. All my life I’ve taken it all for granted oh oh oh, and I don’t know when I’ll go. Oh don’t you know, don’t you know that I care? Oh if you stop telling the people that you care about what’s going on in your life oh something’s wrong. Haven’t seen you in months and it’s been way too long just don’t know what’s going on, it’s been way too long where have you been where have you been how have you been where have you been? All my life I’ve been trying to find a way home, all my life I’ve been trying to find a way home but I just, I just can’t find the path.
Track Name: Teen Queen
You know that I know that you know that I know. That this time might be the last.
I saw you on Friday, under the high way, you smiled, and went on your way.
You know that I know that you know that I know that this time won’t be the last, outside the schoolyard I see your car parked. You’re standing there with all your friends.
And you didn’t know me like I did. I hope you never will and I didn’t know you like you did I hope you burn until and I’m sitting alone at the table again, you think its okay, yeah I’m sitting alone with all my friends, you think its okay.

Driving to nowhere, the heats on, this is fair. My time has come and gone. Tacos and Slurpees can only fill some needs. There comes a time when a man needs more. You never knew me, like she did I hope you never will, but she didn’t know me like you did. I hope you’re doing well. It’s my fault that I’m all alone, it’s my fault that I’m all alone.
Track Name: 2008
Where do you think I go when you’re not around? Retreat into myself when you can’t be found. I called you so many times today. You’re impossible. You’re impossible. I’m always thinking about how fast the time’s gone. Has it really been that long? Back when it was just you and me, when all we wanted to be was twee.

Everything I love is so archaic, what will I do when my records wear out and the film in my camera expires?
I’m trapped in this modern world. Struggling between the past and present, oh how I’ve grown to resent it.

I’ll dive for your memory. But the girl I love doesn’t exist. I’m stuck in love with the past.

Back when your long hair flowed so free, and even when I said that I hated me, you were there. To tell me how stupid I was.
Don’t bring it up again. Don’t bring it up again, I don’t want to hear it. I’m trying to find closure on this time and not fear it.

I don’t want to write in the past tense anymore.

Before tattoos, before chill brews, before you smoked cigarettes, in parking lots, and ugly shops, so much fast food, when angst was a permanent mood, before I could grow a beard, when everyone thought me and my friends were weird. Before the first time you said, “I love you”, and before I said it too.

If I could do it again, I would, but I can’t, so I won’t. Under the warm fluorescent glow of our East coast town, I find warmth in what we had, those strips of road that make it up, the Baja Blast in your cup, the stupid things that we still say, we might leave today, we will always wish that it had stayed this way.

Oh, 2008 Oh, 2008…